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rlooked the room’s other ●occupant: a brilliant green Amazonian pa▓rrot in a brass cage.It was at present ●shrouded in a dark cloth, and this the old man▓ now remo

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ved with a faintly de●fensive air.‘I was telling you about To●by’ he said ‘because last wee

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k h▓e came through Alex on the Yokohama ▓run.I got this from him — he had to sel▓l — the da

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mn bird caused such a riot.● It’s a brilliant conversationalist, aren’t y●ou Ron, eh Crisp a

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s a fart, aren’t ●you’ The parrot gave a low whistle and ducke●d.‘That’s the boy’ said Sc

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obie with ap▓proval and turning to me adde▓d ‘I got Ron for a very keen price, ▓yes, a very

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keen price.Shall I tell y▓ou why’ Suddenly, inexplicably,● he doubled up with laughter, near?/p>

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駆y joining nose to knee and whizzing ▓soundlessly like a small human● top, to emerge at last


with an equally ▓soundless slap on his own thigh — a sudden● paroxysm.‘You’d never imagine


▓the row Ron caused’ he said. 癞Toby brought the bird ashore.He kne▓w it could talk, but not

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Arabic.▓ By God.We were sitting at a café yar●ning (I haven’t seen Toby for five whole ▓ye